Sunday, March 25, 2012

Return of the Projection Series-Mark Tauriello

Q-Your art seems to have dark figures from cinema, presented in a very colorful way. Your personality seems to hold the same buoyant qualities as the colors you use. But, would people be surprised to know your not as buoyant as they may perceive?

A-Yes. I know I am jaded, pessimistic and cynical. So when people do see that, they're really shocked. So my colorful and buoyant personality, is my way of trying to cope with/make my life a little more exciting.

Q-Is happiness real?

A-Yeah, sure. Why not!?

Q-You adore Freddy Kruger. Give me a word that expresses his influence on your life and art.

A- Development.

Q-Which celebrity is least deserving of their fame?

A-All of them.

Q-If your clothing was an actual person, what would they look like? And where would they live?

A- Me, and they would live wherever they could afford to live.

Q-Leaving your room, leave the light on, or turn it off?

A-If I know I'm coming back at night time, I leave the light on.