Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jack Plotnick

One day, a couple months back, I picked up a brilliantly funny movie entitled " Girls Will Be Girls" staring Jack Plotnick as the lead role of Evie Harris. I could go into more detail about the film, but I highly suggest picking it up if you haven't already seen it. Words simply cannot describe the comic genius.

I'm going to start from the present and work my way back. As I sit here looking at my copy of Girls Will Be Girls, I look at the cover that Jack had signed for me " To Marc, "As-tro-phys-icist!!" Love you, Evie." (You'll understand the reference if you've seen the movie). When I had picked this film up, never in a million years did I think I would be photographing this very talented individual. thinking back, its pretty surreal.

When I contacted Jack, I was absolutely thrilled, to put it mildly, that he would let me sit in on one of his workshops that he was holding for actors in New York City.

When I approached Ripley Grier Studios, I walked into the room, and there was Jack, talking to the actors, circulating around the room, getting ready for the class. This was exactly what I wanted to shoot. Since my aesthetic tends to be more on the natural side when it comes to photography, photographing Jack not being an actor, not being on stage or posed, was absolutely ideal for me.

I chose this photo in particular because this would be the closet visual representation of a mental snapshot from the experience. A simple candid photo of Jack standing next to the scripts that he was handing out to the actors as they entered the room. And as I entered the room, that was the very first thing I saw Jack doing. Aside from the fact that I just simply adore this photo.

It was an amazing opportunity, and a wonderful experience. Many thanks to the talented Jack Plotnick for allowing me to photograph this event.

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