Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jillian Doherty

My latest interview with Jillian.

M: If you could live in a movie, which movie would it be and why?

J: Honestly, I really think it would be Blue Velvet by David Lynch. Because of how he portrays peoples front's, how you would first see them. How you would see their front door, but whats going on inside is really fucked up and bizarre. It could really happen to anyone, and its so bizarre. Plus I just wanna live in the 50's.

M:Do building's have personalities?

J: No. I honestly see buildings as an poor excuse for an art form. Because there's only one form it can really be, and that's straight up and down. You can add a statue, you can add a dome, but it's the same thing repeated. I think they have history and purpose, not personality.

M: Do you think our generation should start getting angry?

J: I think our generation is angry, but in a spoiled brat way. Like "My parent's didn't love me enough", every one's issues. People need to shut up, and think about what they're saying before they say it. Every body's angry and whining about everything, when they should just do something about it. Every ones quick to point a finger at the parents.

M: Do you regret anything that you may have been attracted to in the past?

J: My ex-boyfriend. Are we kidding? Worst decision that I've made in my entire life. Desperation at it's peak. PERIOD.

M: What's your favorite book?

J: I'm gonna go with Sirens Of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut. I don't know if I could explain why, its just so mind fucking. Probably the most brilliant piece of literature that I've ever read. It kept me lingering and pondering.

M: If you could go on a speaker that would transmit a message across the universe, what would you say?

J: Something that would leave an imprint of myself behind. I would probably talk out Dazzle by Siouxsie And The Banshees. "Dazzle it's a glittering prize....dazzle it's a glittering prize" (hahah). I would do that because classical music is probably whats going to be transmitting the most. Or "Help! We're dieing!"

M: Does anything from your childhood stand out to you the most?

J: Yes. Most of my childhood I don't remember because I've blocked it out. And that sticks out to me the most when people say childhood.

This discussion and photo shoot with Jill was very fun and interesting. Jillian is a person with much depth, and I found her to be a great subject to photograph.

I chose this one photo in particular because it really held a lot of emotion for me, I think it says many things about Jillian. It spoke to me, looking at this photo tells me a story. And being a personal friend of Jill's, I'd say this accurately depicts the person that I see in several different ways.

Album used during photo shoot- Chelsea Girl-Nico

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  1. I LOVE YOU. this is so brillant i feel like you captured it so well. it was so much fun.