Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jaron Nelson

Before this photoshoot I did with Jaron, I asked him a series of questions. My objective during this session was to see if you can look at a photo, and imagine this individual having certain respones to the questions asked. And while the thoughts are still in the subcontious mind, try to see if anything comes through.

M: How do you feel about the world?

J: I feel like the world is too restrained, people should be more free. It's taboo. There needs to be more communication. The world is too closed. Cycles and circles, everyone should just keep going straight.

M: Do people scare you?

J: It depends on how big they are (haha). Why would you be scared unless you don't know. You change your fear into curiosity, its not scary if you know what you're afraid of.

M:What inspires you?

J: Everything. Not so much inspired, but inspired by the bad that can be changed to the better.

M: How would you describe your style?

J: Mature, put together. I don't think you can explain style. Some influence from society. No matter what you think society has some affect on your style. Organizing closets would be my dream job.

M: What do you think of New Jersey?

J: It fucking sucks. But you can become apart of it, or let it over power you. Not a good place to find piece of mind. Very mean hearted people. Anger should only come out when you have to defend yourself.

M: What album would be the soundtrack to your life?

J: Kid A by Radiohead, or Trainwreck by Boys Night Out. Attack by Sigor Ros. The Blue Print by Jay-Z.

Albums played during the photo session: Low-David Bowie and Camera Obscura by Nico.

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